About Us

Glutenno Ltd. is a joint venture of HFI Ltd., an established food ingredients supplier and Anita Kollar, a well-known and successful Hungarian cookbook writer and gastrojournalist specialised in developing tasty and healthy gluten-free bakery products and pastries, initially motivated by being gluten-intolerant herself.


Our goal is to offer tasty and healthy, high-quality gluten-free bakery goods and pastries to people dealing with gluten problems or are concerned about consuming gluten. 

This is why we produce different types of glutenfree flour-mixes. We are constantly looking for valuable new, less known ingredients, developing new recipes and new products.


Protein and nutrient-rich sorghum flour based mixes, developed for yeast bread, pizza and cakes.
Perfectly balanced blends, which contain wholemeal, highly nutritious sorghum flour and chickpea flour - both grown in Hungary, and the fewest possible 
amount of additives. Each type of our flour mixes is customised to suit best to bake certain kind of bakery products. Our flour mixes are managed in accordance 
with the stringent guidelines of HACCP and BRC.


5 portions of fruit and veg a day? Not a big deal anymore. Our super healthy, all natural, glutenfree, dairy free biscuits are packed with the highest qualities of vegetables. 
Do not contain any preservatives, artificial flavors and colors. These little treats are so delicious that you can feel good about eating them and even do not notice that you eat veggies.


Glutenno flour mixes are available for industrial customers also. We supply bakeries and pastry shops from the very start. Among our customers are 
Michelin star awarded Onyx restaurant, the famous Gerbeaud Patisserie, bakeries supplying international hotels (Kempinski Budapest) and several pizza shops. 
We provide technical support and individual product development upon request.

Contact: info@glutenno.hu